Our men's facial care products combine complex, natural formulations with highly concentrated active ingredients. Additionally, we enhance our skincare with organic extracts from the Alpine region, known for their purity and effectiveness.

Achieve a more attractive skin appearance in just 7 days. Our products effectively combat tired skin areas and signs of aging while being extremely gentle on your skin. Look forward to skincare without artificial fragrances.

The innovative ingredients in our anti-aging care rejuvenate your youthfulness. Enjoy skincare specifically designed to restore the vitality and youthful appearance of your skin.

Discover for yourself how Jungkraut enriches your daily skincare routine with its premium facial care for men, pampering your skin.

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Do men need special facial care?

Yes, men's skin differs significantly from women's skin and has specific care requirements. Men's skin is about 15-25% thicker and contains more collagen fibers, leading to a more robust but also rougher texture.

Increased sebum production due to higher testosterone levels makes the skin oilier, which protects it from drying out but also makes it more prone to impurities and acne.

Additionally, men's skin (from around age 35) ages more slowly but shows deeper wrinkles and therefore requires special care to slow down the aging process and maintain skin health.

What should men consider when choosing skincare products?

Moisture and Protection: Men's skin requires intensely moisturizing products that strengthen the skin barrier and protect against external factors such as UV radiation and cold weather.

Targeted Cleansing: Due to higher sebum production, it's important for cleansing products to effectively clean without drying out the skin. They should be specifically tailored to each skin type to effectively care for both oily and dry areas.

Anti-Aging: To combat visible signs of aging, anti-aging products with SPF (Sun Protection Factor) are crucial. These help to keep the skin firm and youthful.

Swiss quality promise

The Swiss mountains are our home. We value their cleansing and wild powers. Therefore, Jungkraut stands for unparalleled quality and product safety in men's skincare. Produced in Toggenburg, our products meet the highest quality standards and adhere to natural cosmetics guidelines.

Our commitment to Swiss-made quality and sustainable practices makes Jungkraut the first choice for quality-conscious men.

About us

Skincare is also for men

Our facial product line combines innovative formulations, aesthetic design, and practical application methods. They are designed for the man’s bathroom and are so good that even women want them.

Our customers particularly appreciate the simplicity of our formulations: effective, straightforward, and without unnecessary frills, perfectly tailored to the needs of men's facial skin.

Our Bestseller

Fresh alpine air for you

The fresh, masculine scent of our collection revitalizes your day and transports you to the rugged world of the Alps – a daily ritual that awakens your senses.

Crafted from fresh limes, select lemons, and bergamot. Perfectly balanced with a base of basil, a touch of rare alpine herbs, spicy turmeric root, and aromatic red Virginia cedar.